Thunder Ridge. Experience Elevated Luxury.

Inspired Architecture Meets Effortless Energy & Flow at the Gateway to the Rockies.

Thunder Ridge. Experience Elevated Luxury.

Inspired Architecture Meets Effortless Energy & Flow at the Gateway to the Rockies.

A Uniquely Empowered, One-of-a-Kind Mountaintop Estate

Beautifully positioned on 79 acres of quintessential Colorado landscape and ideally located west of Denver at the “Gateway to the Rockies,” this home’s visionary owner sought to create harmony between the quiet, natural surroundings and the home’s guests and residents. Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, Thunder Ridge grants nearly 360 degrees of panoramic views, stretching to the horizon, showcasing Denver to the east, and the snow capped continental divide to the west.

The handpicked, tranquil location is a picturesque and fluid 29-mile commute to Denver’s International Airport, and convenient to Mile High Stadium, downtown shopping and dining, as well as mountain recreational destinations – all within easy 30-minute drives. 

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Your experience begins as you transition in through the security gates and are overtaken by the area’s most dramatic views. A prestigious fountain positioned front and center to the large circular motor court greets guests as the entrance is approached and the message is delivered; you have arrived. 

Create a Pampered & Thriving Existence

This meticulously curated sanctuary elevates true luxury by combining the finest materials with an inspired vision. Surrounded by the beauty of soaring evergreens and the almost startling rock outcroppings, Thunder Ridge is nested tastefully in its charming community of Evergreen, Colorado. Capable of inspiring adventure, this gorgeous estate also provides a welcoming and tranquil space to rest and rejuvenate when you return.

Inspired design and stunning architecture marry to create energy and flow for this estate and its accompanying professional-grade automotive facility. Boasting its own engineering feats, and equipped with concert venue-level lighting and sound, a car wash, offices, and separate living quarters, this state-of-the-art shop will make any automotive aficionado feel right at home.

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The security needs of the truly discerning are addressed with integrated systems comprised of top tier technology to include secure wiring and internet protocols, whole property generators generously distributed and cameras.

Technology plays a dramatic role in entertainment as well as security at Thunder Ridge. Unrestrained creativity fired the imagination when the main theater was created. With its 198”, 4k screen, much of the $2.3 million budget for this 120 dB theater system went into soundproofing and equipping one of the top-performing personal theaters on the planet.

Enjoy a better-than-the-theater film experience thanks to D-Box Odyssey chairs, equipped with motion theater seating and Martin lighting systems. The master suite also hosts its own theater as a private retreat, complete with a well-appointed kitchenette, and 110” projection screen with projector. 

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Expectations Met. Aspirations Exceeded.

Transform your mountain retreat into a tropical getaway, complete with a large, 14’ deep indoor pool, a full bar, men’s and women’s locker rooms, a hot tub, and a large grotto created by sheets of water cascading from falls. Finally, bring the outside in by opening the bank of automatic doors that comprise two walls. This entertainment area comes alive at night with a twinkling starscape created by fiber optics, including astronomically accurate constellations, and falling stars on which you and your guests can wish. 

Other leisurely luxuries in the recreation area include a fully equipped beauty salon, a billiard parlour, access to heated decks, as well as multiple fountains and water features. 

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Luxury on a Larger Scale

Thunder Ridge is rich with exotic woods and contemporary stone, precision engineered with top of the line fixtures, and refined with finishes that deliver excellence on par with this home’s caliber. 

Heated decks and multiple Koi ponds punctuate the property, emphasizing special moments and elevating expectations, as the exterior is as beautiful and fulfilling as it is within. 

This scale and attention to detail continue as the outdoor kitchen is revealed alongside this home’s most jaw-dropping views.

Thunder Ridge is a must-see for the discerning visitor with a vision of living life on a larger scale.

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